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Movie reviews and images from the seedy underbelly of world cinema. May Definitely does contain offensive language, sex scenes, graphic violence, drug use, horror, gratuitous nudity, and/or traces of nuts.

The Virgin Psychics. Japan, 2016
The Virgin PsychicsThe Virgin Psychics from Sion Sono is a mish-mash of crazy ideas - a preposterous sci-fi/supernatural premise exploited to its fully perverted potential with an abundance of upskirts, dick jokes, and insane situations ... Read more
The Click. France, 1985
The ClickWhat if you had a remote control that could turn any woman into a shameless nympho at the turn of a dial? That is the central conceit of Le Declic, a film based on the erotic comic by highly regarded Italian illustrator Milo Manara ... Read more

Madame de Sade. Japan, 1986
Madame de SadeFor a film containing such highly sexual ideas and situations - the story, acting and cinematography is of a remarkably high order. For those who enjoy some titillation in their movies, but cannot put up with the cinematic dross so often exemplified by most adult entertainment, I can most certainly recommend ... Read more
Erotic Diary of an Office Lady. Japan, 1977
Erotic Diary of an Office LadyWhat's interesting about this film is that, as the name suggests, it is told from a woman's perspective. So while at first we thought these women were your typical sexual fantasies (and with a title like that, who can be blamed!) - Konuma masterfully exposes the viewer to the flipside of the coin ... Read more
Himiko. Japan, 1974
HimikoAs an introduction to the legend of Himiko, the film fulfills it's purpose, and with no small amount of style. The cast is terrific, and the visuals often amazing. It is however a product of its time - experimental, arty, and very different to modern Hollywood fare ... Read more
Zero Woman 5: The Hunted. Japan, 1997
Zero Woman 5This direct to video release is the 5th entry in the Zero Woman franchise, one of the better known and certainly most prolific in the abundant Japanese Girls with Guns genre. The basic storyline will be familiar to anyone who has seen the various incarnations of Nikita ... Read more
The Sorcerer and the White Snake. China/HK, 2011
The Sorcerer and the White SnakeI guess The Sorcerer and the White Snake is the Chinese equivalent of a blockbuster. Big name stars, melodramatic romance, talking animals. Usually not my bag at all. But this is one amazing-looking spectacle and as far as blockbuster entertainment goes you could do a lot worse ... Read more

The Evil Dead. USA, 1981
The Evil Dead Unfairly referred to on release as a 'video nasty', it's far better than that description might suggest, and is a highly accomplished genre film that pushed the creative envelope in many directions, despite its low-budget origins ... Read more

Cold Fish. Japan, 2011
Cold FishIt was with much anticipation that I caught Sion Sono's latest flick at a Film Festival this weekend. I was expecting something surreal and gory, and I knew it was based on a real-life serial killer. But what I didn't expect was the funniest movie I've seen this year... Read more

The Raquel Welch Project. One Million Years B.C, 1966
One Million Years B.C.While the search for a good Raquel Welch movie continues, I had a pretty good idea this was not likely to be one of them. Nevertheless, this is the movie that launched her as an international sex symbol, and the source of the infamous loinskin bikini ... Read more

The Hokusai Manga aka Edo Porn. Japan, 1981
Edo PornAn Academy Award-winning film that features Tentacle Porn? Not likely right? Well, it is when its the Japanese Academy Awards! This historical drama about famed artist Katsushika Hokusai is a quality historical drama with its fair share of titillation ... Read more

Braindead aka Dead-Alive. New Zealand, 1992
BraindeadBefore Peter Jackson won Oscar glory with Lord of the Rings, he was the Splatter King of B-Movies. This balls-out orgy of zombie mayhem may well be the single greatest achievement in B-grade zombie cinema, and incredibly funny for those with a twisted sense of humor ... Read more

Enter the Void. France, 2009
Enter The VoidA twisted, visceral, mind-blowing experience with huge ambitions that no doubt will prove far too edgy for the Oscars, even though its now firmly in front-running for my movie of the year. Hallucinogenic, sexy, transcendent, experimental, in-your-face, and brutal by turns - its not for everyone ... Read more

Angst. Austria, 1983
AngstFor fans of true crime, and anyone seeking a more authentic psycho killer experience this surely rates as one of the most successful of its type. It's nasty, it's seedy, it's disturbing - just like the crime itself. What was the film's biggest downfall is also its greatest asset - it's honesty ... Read more

XX: Beautiful Hunter. Japan, 1994
XX: Beautiful HunterFrom famed Japanese Pinku director Masaru Konuma comes this mid-90's Girls with Guns genre piece, fully stocked with guns, sex, blood and a touch of S&M-themed torture thrown in for good measure ... Read more

Vanilla Sky. USA, 2001
Vanilla SkyThe film that Vanilla Sky is based on, Alejandro Amenabar's Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) is one of my all-time favourite films. And amazingly enough, so is this. Cameron Crowe took the opportunity to not only remake the movie, but to try and improve upon it as well. I still can't decide which of the two films I like better. Read more

School of the Holy Beast. Japan, 1974
School of the Holy BeastNunsploitation. What the fuck, right? It makes me laugh just to say it! But if you're looking for the Rolls-Royce of exploitation films, then this surely must be it. Despite the gorgeous visuals, the story doesn't shirk the exploitation factor, and has all the gratuitous and lurid content you could hope for. Read more

Candy, USA 1968
CandyAs a naive and trusting coed with a heart of gold, Candy is unaware of the effect she has on men, and seems like a bewildered Alice, in a Wonderland populated with sleazy, horny men. Light-hearted bawdy fun, and a worthwhile cinematic trip back to the 60's.
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Boxer's Omen, Hong Kong 1983
Boxer's OmenI've seen more than my share of utterly bat-shit movies in my time, but this may be one of THE most twisted movies I've ever seen. Starting out as a martial arts movie, it segues into a triad theme, introduces a supernatural ghost-monk, and cuts to a gratuitous sex scene ... all within the first 15 minutes!
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Black Dynamite, USA 2009
Black DynamiteA hilariously cheesy throwback to the golden era of 70s blaxploitation - complete with the requisite sexism, racism, macho posturing and kung fu! Some jive turkey has killed his brother and its up to Black Dynamite to find out who is responsible!
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Thirst, Korea 2009
ThirstWhat can one of the most exciting directors in Asia bring to the well-established, and frequently all too predictable, vampire genre? Well rest assured there's loads of sex and blood, and the odd bit of ultra-violence thrown in for good measure ...
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Angel-A, France 2005
Angel-AThe stunning cinematography around picturesque Paris, combined with the decision to film in black and white lends the film an artistic and classy aesthetic, however the delivery is anything but pretentious. Instead director Luc Besson has delivered a mature and sexy comedy/fantasy that is enjoyable from start to finish ...
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