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From time to time we contribute to the community by translating little known films into English that seem to have no chance of getting an official English-friendly release. Completed subs are archived here - leave a message if you think you can help with any of our current projects.

Current Projects

Rosario Tijeras. 2005, Colombia. (Spanish, 95% complete)

Completed projects

Secret Undercover Agent: Wildcats in Strip Royale. 2008, Japan.
One Chanbara: Vortex. 2009. Japan
Guardami. 1999. Italy
Girl x Girl. 2007. Korea
Agent Aika Live Action (short). 2006. Japan


These are titles that we wish had subs, and maybe one day we'll get the time to sub them. If you see any here that you have subs for (in any language), or know of a legitimate English-friendly release please let us know!

Castle Under Fiery Skies. (Japan, 2010)
Heibon Ponch (Japan)
King Game (Japan)
Maboroshi Panty vs Henchin Pokoider. (Japan 2004)
Man Hunting. (Japan 2010)
Man Hunting Redemption. (Japan, 2011)
Marked Ama: Stirred up shell (Japan)
Missing 44. (Japan)
Missing 44: Final Stage (Japan)
Missing 55 (Japan)
Miyoko Asagaya Kibun (Japan)
Queen Bee Honey (Japan)
Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police (Japan)
Rubbers Ou Onna (Japan)
Seifuku Survigirl I + II (Japan)
Sexy Cats (Japan)
Sundome (Japan)
Sundome 2 (Japan)
Super Gore Girl (Japan)
Teketeke (Japan)
Teketeke2 (Japan)
Vitamin Love Mizuka (Japan)
Yumeno Kyusaku's Girl Hell (Masaru Konuma).  (Japan)

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