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Sion Sono's Cold FishBig Tits Zombie 3DMutant Girls SquadGothic and Lolita PsychoAnd Soon DarknessA Night in Nude 2Wildcats in Strip Royale

Cold Fish - Sion Sono

I've been a fan of Sono since his film Suicide Circle, consider his following film Strange Circus to be a masterpiece, and his most recent 4hr epic Love Exposure was a fan hit worldwide. Now we have his latest flick, Cold Fish, based on the true story of a psychotic tropical fish shop owner. This one has already picked up numerous awards and sounds like it will be another remarkable entry in the director's catalog.

Big Tits Zombie 3D

Retro grindhouse comes to Japan! This has got to be my favorite exploitation movie title of the year ... big tits, zombies, 3D! What's not to love? Great trailer too. Film stars Sola Aoi, Risa Kasumi and a bevy of other assumedly well-endowed J-Idols.

Mutant Girls Squad

"The story is sort of a spoof of X-Men. [Yumi] Sugimoto plays Rin, a bullied teenager who discovers her arm has mutated into a razor-sharp weapon on her 16th birthday. A shadow government organization immediately begins hunting her down, slaughtering her parents in the process, but Rin is saved in the nick of time by a super-powered being called 'Hiruko'. Soon, mutants from all over Japan are gathered together and begin militant training to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, Rin is fitted with a special iron mask and begins her life as a 'battle girl', utilizing both her mutant powers and acrobatic abilities to fight against mutant-hunting special forces.". O......K

Gothic & Lolita Psycho

The film stars actress and gravure idol Rina Akiyama as Yuki, a girl who lives at home in peace until one day a unit of assassins breaks in and slaughters her mother. In order to reveal the truth behind the seemingly senseless murder, Yuki transforms herself into a demon of vengeance by donning gothic lolita clothing, wielding a parasol as a deadly weapon, and executing the guilty in the name of God. With special effects by Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police and most of the other recent films in the new wave of Japanese Gore confection).

And Soon the Darkness

A remake of the 1970 British cult thriller. Two American girls set out on a bike-riding trip in a remote part of Argentina. When one goes mysteriously missing, the other must find her before her worst fears are realised. I've got no legitimate reason for looking forward to this aside from the fact that it stars two upcoming starlets we saw this year, Odette Yustman (The Unborn) and Amber Heard (The Informers). To be honest, the best I'm hoping for is a worthy addition to the 'hot bikini chicks in peril' sub-genre ... but you never know!

A Night in Nude 2

Teruo Ishii's sequel to his acclaimed pinku.

Raped by Satan - 18 Feb 2010

Wow, here's a new horror flick from Indonesia that sounds a lot nastier than the trailer would indicate. Actually looks to be a fun horror movie, but what a title!!

Kain Kafan Perawan (Shroud of the Virgin)

Released 25 Feb 2010. Rasty and her friends are making a home made video clip in a railway station. While shooting the video, something happens and they found demons appearing in the video.

Suster Keramas

J-idol Rin Sakuragi plays a pornstar in this new horror from Indonesia. Can't tell you too much more about it yet.

Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan (The Menstruating Puncak Ghost)

Another indonesian sex horror, starring actress Andi Soraya and dangdut singing group Trio Macan. Seems to have caused a bit of a furore in muslim circles in Indonesia, and was banned.

“The movie contains porn, which can trigger lust and, based on our research, it also contains violence,” Amirsyah Tambunan from the MUI told

Secret Undercover Agent: Wildcats in Strip Royale

Starring Japanese gravure idols Kadena Reon and Morishita Yuri fighting crime in skintight catsuits, and featuring strippers, schoolgirls and acres of ludicrously hot women. What's not to love?

This is a sequel to Secret Undercover Agent: Honey & Bunny (Himitsu Sennyuu Sousakan).

Check out the awesome trailer.

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