Sex and Zen II

Sex & Zen IIHong Kong, 1996
Original title: Yu pu tuan II: Yu nu xin jing

Director: Man Kei Chin
Starring: Shu Qi, Loletta Lee, Elvis Tsui
IMDB: 5.6

Undoubtedly one of Hong Kong's Category III classics, Sex and Zen II from legendary sleaze producer Wong Jing, and director Man Kei Chin, is a mashup of bawdy humour and ghost story set in ancient China featuring the debut acting role of Taiwanese model Shu Qi (who has since gone on to be a huge Hong Kong movie star).

Sai Moon (Elvis Tsui), is a powerful local lord dedicated to the task of bedding as many women as possible. He keeps a bevy of wives in his palace and enjoys selecting a different one each night. His sexual prowess is formidable due to following the 'iron way' - an ancient sexual art that requires a rigorous training schedule designed to make his dick strong and hard.

However he intends to keep his virginal daughter Yiau (Loletta Lee) pure, and has a chastity belt made for her that will seriously disfigure any man foolish enough to try any funny stuff.

Unfortunately its not long before one of her classmates has a go, and in the process loses his dick. Not to worry though, she takes him along to the local witch doctor who fashions him a new-fangled mechanical penis that can do all sorts of nifty tricks such as rotate and blow smoke.

Meanwhile, Sai Moon arranges for his son to marry Sui Tsui (Shu Qi), the daughter of a local merchant, not realising that she is a real beauty. Considering her wasted on his imbecilic son, he decides to take over the 'marital duties' in the evenings, and its not long before he and his son's wife are enjoying all-night sex romps on the sly.

Unfortunately, he does not realise that she is in fact a sex demon who sucks the life force out of her victims through sex. One by one, Sui Tsui works her way through the household, seducing and killing everyone while Sai Moon vigorously denies that his new lover could be responsible.

Luckily his daughter has discovered Sui Tsui's secret and knows how to defeat her. What follows is one of the most awesomely twisted sex scenes ever. She has discovered the 'vampiric sucking technique' also, and knows that if she has sex with the demon and can make her reach orgasm first, she'll suck the life force out of the demon instead.

The two gorgeous women then proceed to try to out-fuck the other in a battle of wills to see who can last the longest. Not easy for poor Yiau, as Siu Tsui can shapeshift between man/woman and demon at will ... and the man version has a truly monster 3 foot cock!

With the use of elaborate sets, bright colours, and smoke effects, Man Kei Chin sure knows how to make the most of his budget. The movie looks great for the most part (although the same cannot be said for the DVD transfer unfortunately). The humour is outrageously twisted and there is loads of sex and beautiful naked women. The over-acting and campiness might take a bit of getting used to, but as far as sex and comedy goes, this film delivers on all fronts.

This is a true classic, not quite as funny as the first in the series but undeniably sexier. They are both must-see movies in the Category III sex comedy genre.

Rating: 7/10

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