Body Jumper

aka Pop Weed Sayong, Thailand 2003
Director: Haeman Chateme
Starring: Angie Grant,
IMDB: 4.7

It's the year 2000 A.D., the first of the new millennium, and a vicious, hungry ghost is ravaging the small village Sam Kotr, in the Roi Et Province. The victims are all men, and they start dropping like flies. Pretty soon, the whole village is engulfed in an eerie, gloomy silence as people become afraid to leave their homes at night. Finally, an exorcist is brought in to do away with the demon.

But then, a new school year begins and a group of students arrive from Bangkok on a rural development project. The ghost possesses one of the students, without anyone's knowing, so that when they return to Bangkok, they are not alone. Soon the ghost is hungry again, and wants more victims, which results in the poor, hapless student becoming sex-crazed like she's never been before. Men start leaving her place weak and ill, and soon her friends realize what must have happened S will another exorcism be in order?



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