Cat's Eye

Japan, 1997
Director: Kaizo Hayashi
Starring: Yuki Uchida, Izumi Inamori, Norika Fujiwara
IMDB: 4.4

Let's be honest here - this live-action comic book adaptation from Japan has one major thing going for it - hot women in skin tight leather catsuits. Especially when one of the aforementioned is Miss Japan 1992 Norika Fujiwara.

The story is fairly straight-forward comic-book fare - there's guns, gizmos, martial arts, car chases, a love interest or two thrown in for good measure. Nothing ground-breaking here - you probably know what to expect. It's B-Movie all the way, with some fairly amateur effects and some dialogue in English which I suspect the actresses spoke phonetically, as it sounds very strange.

Having said that, its light-hearted fun all the way and if comic book superhero movies are your bag, or you have a thing for catsuits then you may well find this a good watch.


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