Agent Aika: Live Action (short)

Japan, 2006?

This short action movie is based on the anime of the same name, a series famous for having a panty-shot every 20 seconds! My guess is that these three short 3-minute scenes were intended as a pilot to show to interested backers of a potential TV show or movie. However, that's a completely uneducated guess. Whatever the case, nothing has surfaced since.

This was only ever included on a box set of the anime series, as a bonus feature.

I won't go into any type of intelligent review here - that would be completely inappropriate. And besides, I've never seen the anime so I can't tell you much about the backstory which is most-likely irrelevant anyway. To put it simply - this is all about the panties.

The plot is basic in the extreme, and only exists as a flimsy structure in which to fit as many panty shots as possible into its running time. On the up side, the music is ok, the actresses are cute, and the sounds and facial expressions are worth a laugh or two. And the way that the girls, when shot, fall into a position that can only be described as 'ready for doggy-style', skirts hiked up to show their matching panties, is just hilarious. Something I am sure you would only see coming from Japan.

'Nuff said. View the pics.

Note: I couldn't find any English subtitles for this, so I had my girlfriend help me make some. If you need 'em, get 'em here.

Screenshots - Click to enlarge

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