Trailer for Julio Medem's 'Room in Rome'

A trailer for Spanish auteur Julio Medem's next film, Habitacion en Roma (Room in Rome) has surfaced on the net. By the looks of the trailer its a saucy lesbian drama, but knowing the quality of Medem's work, it's likely to be far more than that. Medem's films are usually surreal and thought-provoking, and generally can't be effectively reduced to the trailer format.

Judging by the trailer, it seems the film has also been shot in English ... perhaps a first for the director.

We're big Medem fans here, so we'll be keeping an eye out for this when its released (Edit: UK release Oct 18, 2010). Interesting to see the film stars Elena Anaya who you may recall from his 2001 film Sex and Lucia.

You can view the official trailer here, or the much sexier unofficial redband trailer here.

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