Lucy Liu - Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels (2000), based upon the hugely popular 1970's TV show, was the film that established Lucy as a bonafide megastar. The movie is a sexy, light-hearted action parody that was a commercial, if not critical, success.

Featuring a bubbly blonde, an intelligent redhead, and a sexy asian meant there was a fantasy woman/ role-model (depending on your gender) for most tastes. Dressing them barbie-fashion in a series of costumes, and throwing them into a range of high-energy set-pieces was a surefire winner.

In her role as Alex, Lucy gets to inhabit a wide range of personas and sexy outfits. The most memorable being a leather-clad, whip-wielding, bespectacled schoolteacher - a killer combination of fetish archetypes.

Lucy looks gorgeous throughout, tossing her perfectly coiffed hair at every opportunity and gets to use quite a few of her martial arts moves as well. She gets loads of screen-time, ranging from cute to sexy to deadly by turns.

The Skydiver

The Dominatrix

The Masseuse

The Pit Girl

The Leather Corset

The Belly Dancer

The Celebrity

The Secret Agent


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"Alex" section, the 5th screenshot - that's a win :)

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