Lucy Liu - City of Industry

Back when Lucy was a struggling actress, she made ends meet by taking on the type of roles that most good-looking young actresses take on early in their careers - the 'Eye Candy' roles - stripper, prostitute, mistress etc.

In 1997, Lucy landed the role of Cathi Rose, a stripper, in City of Industry. The film is notable today chiefly for containing one of her rare topless appearances. While not a great movie, it's far from a bad one. Starring Harvey Keitel, Steven Dorff and Famke Janssen, it is a solid urban action film and worth checking out. Great soundtrack by the likes of Massive Attack, Tricky and Death in Vegas too.

Lucy gets two short scenes and a few lines of dialogue.

Scene 1: Bare Elegance Strip Club
Lucy's first scene starts 47:14 into the movie, when Roy (Harvey Keitel) visits the strip club to follow up a lead. She performs a slow pole-dance to the laid back vibe of Tricky's 'Overcome'. Wearing sexy thigh-high leather boots and associated bondage-themed accessories, Lucy looks pretty damn hot. As you'd expect, its not a long scene.

Scene 2: Cathi's Apartment
Starting at 49:22, Roy follows Cathi's taxi back to her apartment and grabs her as she's going inside. He forces her into the lounge and asks her a few questions. As a minor character, she's not exactly given the choicest of lines, ranging from "I don't know" to "I don't fucking know".

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