Princess Aurora

Korea, 2005
Original title: Orora Gongju

Director: Eun-jin Bang
Starring: Jeong-hwa Eom, Seong-kun Mun
IMDB: 6.8

Korea is a country perhaps best known for its melodramas, but also for excellent revenge flicks such as Oldboy. Actress and first time director Eun-jin Bang gives us a melodramatic revenge flick that successfully mixes the two.

Primarily however this is a brutal revenge flick with femme fatale Jung Sun-jung (Jeong-hwa Eom) seducing and slicing right from the opening sequence. The killings rarely let up throughout, as she orchestrates the demise of those who have wronged her. Meanwhile the inept police play catch-up.

As the film progresses we learn the reason behind the killings, and our leading lady's descent into madness. This is where the melodrama comes in, as the film goes much deeper into Sun-jung's motivations and feelings than your average revenge movie. By the end you can fully sympathise with her in fact.

This is a testament to the acting of Jeon-hwa Eom, who takes on various roles throughout the film ranging from sassy and sexy to sweet and naive, from cold calculating killer to deranged pychotic. Her acting poignantly conveys her deep pain and delivers the film's powerful emotional impact.

While not a masterpiece, this is a very powerful film that lovers of modern femme fatale and revenge flicks should seek out. It's something a bit different for the genre and a very good watch.


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Trailer (no subtitles)

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