An Android Ate My Blog

A word of warning for Smartphone owners who run a blog. If on setting up your new phone, you discover that thousands of your blog images have mysteriously (and unwantedly) been automatically added to your phone's Image Gallery, DO NOT delete them from your phone like I did. Because it deletes them from your blog as well! As you will see,  many of my years and years of screenshots and cover images are now missing. And there is no way to restore them.

Lucky I have backups of most of them on my PC, but it's a major hassle having to manually add them back in to every post.

It's something to do with Google's SYNC feature which is by default enabled. It syncs your phone and Picasa galleries - delete or add to one location, and it does the same to the other. This is undoubtedly useful if you know in advance what the deal is. This feature can be turned off, so google it and don't make the same mistake as me.


Shaft said...

This post of yours was like divine providence of some sort. Just the other day, my fellow Cool Awesome Movies author has gotten a smartphone, and was telling me how it downloaded images from the blog on the phone.

Fortunately, he still didn't put the phone in permanent use so no images were deleted.

Sou probably saved Cool Awesome Movies with this post.


Glad to be of help - it's a trap many have been screwed over by!

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