La Blue Girl Live Vol 3

Japan, 1996 aka Injû gakuen 3: Kunoichi-gari
Director: Kaoru Kuramoto
Starring: Saya Hidaka, Junko Asamiya, Momoko Nishida, Asami Jo, Takami Tachihara, Ai Hiyoshi, Saori Mizuki, You Kawai, Momo Kurita
IMDB: 5.1

This is the 3rd installment of the trilogy, and is based on the hentai anime (Japanese pornographic animated film) of the same name which in turn is based on the original manga (Japanese comic) by Toshio Maeda. I haven't seen the previous two movies, or read the original manga - but I figure the plot is of little importance here.

Basically its a supernatural battle between the Shikima Clan who are all sex-hungry monsters, and the Miroku Clan who are 5 beautiful lesbian nympho ninjas. This battle is waged for, and with, sexual energy. Luckily the Miroku clan are a horny bunch which gives them great power, and are more than happy to help each other out when a power-orgasm is needed to combat the evil horde.

Unfortunately, this power seems to have little effect when the Shikima appear on the scene. The Shikima after all are large brutal rapists, and the Miroku are skinny little model types with puny martial arts skills. In short order all but one of the Miroku clan are abducted, raped, and taken to the lair of the Shikima Lord. And this is where we reach the selling point of the movie - because the Shikima Lord is a many-tentacled thing, who seems to be hell-bent on sucking the sexual energy of all the young women through every available orifice, and all at the same time.

If you've ever wanted to see a tentacle-rape orgy scene, you sick bastids, this is your chance!

Unfortunately, despite this rather unique premise - the movie has obviously been made on a very limited budget. And worse than that - with little creative flair or imagination. The numerous erotic scenes feel way too long and consist mostly of the girls writhing about and moaning endlessly. (Note: Be sure to turn the volume down if you have sensitive neighbours - the girls are very loud and persistent). In addition, these scenes are not particularly explicit. All the action shown is softcore, and you may find yourself reaching for the fast-forward button.

On the plus side the girls are quite slim and attractive, and are scantily dressed on the rare occasions when they're not naked.

In summary this is a rather dismal effort, but points must be given for 1) the outrageous idea, 2) actually turning this idea into a film, and 3) convincing 5 attractive actresses to be covered in goo and probed by a tentacle monster on film. I'm sure acting school never prepared them for that! Mind you, this is Japan... you never know.

Twisted rating: 3/10

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Ventilation Shaft said...

I've just finished watching the entire trilogy.

The first film was cheap, bad and just awful in many aspects. But it had to be given credit just for turning a hentai anime of this sort into an actual live action film.

The second film was, to my surpriuse, really good. An improvement over the first in all segments. I can say I enjoyed it.

The third was crap. Plain and simple. Too long, too boring and dull. All the moaning gets tiresome after a while, and there's really nor much to see beside that.

Overall, the trilogy is worth checking out, so you can say to your grandchildren: "You know, I saw this crazy-ass Japanese movie once..."


Haha, all 3 in one go? That's dedication! After watching Part 3 I wasn't in a great hurry to check out the others, but glad to hear Part 2 is better. Will check that out soon.

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