Ninja Vixens: Web of Passion

Japan, 2006
Director: Hitoshi Yuho
Starring: Toko Ushikawa, Miho Munakata, Minori Kousaki, Takayuki Yoshizaki

Web of Passion is one of the many movies in the Ninja Vixen series. They say never judge a book by its cover, but in this case the cheap amateurish cover art is a pretty fair indication of the quality on offer here. Obviously direct to video, with an extremely low budget and probably shot in a few days after a quick hike into the mountains.

To be honest, the only reason I checked it out is due to the presence of uber-cutie Toko Ushikawa - one of Japan's premier Racequeens. But even her potent charms are under-utilised and of no particular note here.

I guess you could be generous and call this movie low-budget camp fun - or you could be equally accurate and just call it utter crap. Although the subtitles are worth a laugh at times, there really isn't much here of interest. It's not funny, its not sexy, the acting is poor, the fights are lame, and the special effects totally suck.

The story consists of some guy who is a leader of a Ninja sect, who gets visited in his dreams by a mysterious Chinese seductress who promptly nicks off with his cock. He won't get it back unless he gives her a special ninja scroll.

So he despatches a pair of his ninja vixens to find the scroll and get his dear old willy back. Unfortunately there are a few other machinations going on, so we have a bad guy who kidnaps one of the vixens and then has her bound semi-naked in his lair while another woman fondles her for a reason I cannot be bothered to fathom.

The story then continues as our lusty heroines attempt to rescue their friend, find the scroll and restore their master's important part.

Rating: 2/10


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